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Joist Repair

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Cick the image above or the link below to go to the Joist Chooser. Metwood Joist Reinforcers restore the strength of Floor Joists compromised by large holes or cut-outs. Metwood Joist Reinforcers are engineered light gauge steel add-ons that give greater flexibility in the routing and installation of utilities when using I-Joists, 2 x 8's, 2 x 10's, or 2 x 12's. With the 2810HR the hole size can be up to 4" with a 2x8 joist and 6" with a 2x10 joist. This allows utilities to be recessed and concealed in the floor system, keeping a finished flush line to attach ceiling materials for finished floors or space below the floor.

Routing utilities through the floor system simplifies construction by eliminating the need for bulkheads and chases, and special engineering on floor framing systems which lower ceiling heights. Metwood Joist Reinforcers install quickly by simply gluing, and/or screwing the components to the side of the Floor Joist (Screws included).

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